Loan amount
Loan type
Purchase {Fix&Rent}
After Repair Value
$200,000 {PP:$120,000}
84% {ARV}
Property type
Single Family
Borrower Details
Credit score
Deal experience
1 deal
This loan scenario was submitted by a Broker
Property Details
Loan Details
Purchase price
Down payment
Cost of improvements
Estimated property value after repairs
Additional Loan Information
2bd one bath in college town looking to do a complete remodel both interior and exterior roofing, siding, windows, doors. Has a one car garage was looking at converting that into a separate apartment to be rented for additional income the garage does need about 15,000 to make it into an apartment. I would also do complete interior redesign ope. Concept and modern design details the asking price for this home is 120,000.00 but I am working with a great realtor that knows the market and suggested we come in with a lower offer in the hopes we get it for a lower amount and maximize roi. I can send over a detailed report based on the current numbers as well as a few different scenarios if you’d like?
February 14, 2022 - 8:41am

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