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Purchase {Construction}
After Repair Value
$4,000,000 {PP:$1}
100% {ARV}
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Other Commercial
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3 deals
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New York
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Daycare in Penfield, NY will be the first of several locations in the Rochester area and will provide a state of the art, newly constructed, modern childcare center using all the latest technology and trends. It will be a SAFE, EDUCATIONAL and ENTERTAINING environment for children ages six weeks to twelve years and will be managed by an experienced leadership staff who, just six years ago, constructed and operated a Childcare center in Greece, NY. Current center director, and her assistants along with former daycare owner, spent the past six years successfully building and operating a childcare center and are prepared to continue their success with Kidtopia. The location is ideally situated off the busy corridor in the town of Penfield on the Webster border. Kidtopia and its real estate will be owned by two separate LLC entities.
Our customers in Penfield and Webster will be progressive moms and dads who care about giving their children an opportunity to learn & grow in a fun, safe setting. We intend to aggressively market on social media (Facebook, Instagram) and Google to attract the younger demographic of next generation parents. Already haven proven success in opening the Center in Greece,NY, we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t and will take an improved strategy for our new location.
Based on forecasting and past results, we will begin operating at a profit in Q4 of year two. By year three, we will be at full capacity, which will generate approximately $2M in gross revenue. By strictly controlling labor expenses, we will recognize a return of 16%. From that point and going forward, we will continue to heavily market the center to maintain full capacity.
February 17, 2021 - 11:03am

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