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single family
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8 deals
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We would like to buy another property in our home town of Culver, Indiana. (resort town). We would like to buy a house that is currently being remodeled. Most renovations will be done within a couple of weeks. We have most of the money but need some cash to finish the deal.
We will then refinance the loan to pay off this loan that we would like to get. We currently have 8 properties in our portfolio and would like to get several more. My wife and I are both school teachers and in our 24th year of teaching. We started buying homes a few years back and would like to get a few more. This property is on one of the main entrances to town and will be receiving a total update to the curbing and city sidewalks through a stellar grant that our town received. This work is starting next summer.
October 30, 2020 - 8:40am

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