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77 acre former golf course being redeveloped into freeway frontage commercial and single family lots
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77 acre former golf course being redeveloped. 6.4 acre commercial tract valued at $3.5 million can be sold after re-platting (about 6 months). There will be 155 single family lots that are under contract @ $66,000 each to two large regional builders with Earnest money of $350,000 each to be released to us upon closing of this transaction. This is being purchased from a bank who acquired it via foreclosure. The bank wants it off their books by year end but we have a closing date set for 11/25. This is only available since our current lender's lawyer has at the last minute required an ALTA survey which will take about 6 weeks. There are previous surveys and plats so it is not an unknown quantity. Our contract with the bank is $2,150,000
November 13, 2020 - 1:11pm

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