Loan amount
Loan type
Purchase {Rent&Hold}
As-Is Property Value
$360,000 {PP:$0}
0% {LTV}
Property type
Single Family
Borrower Details
Credit score
Deal experience
10 deals
This loan scenario was submitted by a Broker
Property Details
Loan Details
Down payment
Additional Loan Information
Property is located in Greenboro, GA in the heart of Lake Country in the exclusive community called Harbor Club. Top charter school in the state is the biggest draw which makes this market one of the hottest markets in the state with houses on the market average 10-15 days. This is a home that needs some updating, it's on a smaller lot, but enjoys all the exclusive benefits of this lake community. Rental market is incredible as rentals don't even come on the market due to high demand, they are all off-market rentals and go fast. Estimated rental income is $2100-2500 for this home. Plan is to update a little then rent for 12-24 months then refi or sale. I entered I have 10 years, however not as an investor but working with investors in both residential and commercial real estate as I'm a Commercial Real Estate Broker with 10 years of experience looking to enter the investment and development world both residential and retail commercial development. I would be looking for an equity partner that can fund deals 100% ideally with interest only payments in the 8-12% range with minimum of 12 month paid interest before refinancing or flipping. This home needs funding in days as the price just dropped and would like to make offer ASAP. Thanks
December 1, 2020 - 1:48pm

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