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Purchase {Rent&Hold}
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$37,000,000 {PP:$23,000,000}
62% {LTV}
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Other Commercial
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13 deals
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Buena Vista
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This is currently a working ranch with a cattle herd of 1,200 and a bison herd of 500. The property also produces up to 800,000 tons of hay annually and has two operational gravel pits.

The vision for the property is to turn it into Colorado'spremier wildness adventure site utilizing the business model of a "Dude Ranch" along with adding four additional, very profitable, streams of income within the first year.

Revenue Stream - Dude Ranch
A Dude Ranch is a resort patterned after a Western ranch. Most are arranged where the guest pays a nightly fee but are also included in the daily ranch duties. Guest normally enjoy provided meals, lodging, and a long list of activities and duties associated with ranch lifestyle. These types of ranches are very popular in Colorado with solid comparisons for pricing and amenities. The calculated revenue at year 3 is $1,500,000 million per year.

Revenue Stream - Campground
With over 12 miles of frontage on Highway24, this remote area currently has nothing to offer as far relief for travelers and is the main thorofare when the I-70 pass is closed due to winter weather. A campground with a mix of tent and full hook-up sites would provide a great destination for travelers during the summer and a safe stopping point during the winter months. Inside the business model of a campground, it is very easy to add 7additional revenue streams making it, as a stand-alone venture, very profitable.
This would also provide great exposure to the Dude Ranch experience to our ideal customer base.
Calculated annual income by year 3 is $324,000 per year.

Revenue Stream - HousingDevelopment
On a small portion of the property, there is 140 acres primed for development located only 1.5 miles from a private airport with three landing strips. With multiple 2-year-old comps less than 3 miles away selling at 575kfor a 4/4 with 2500 sqft on 5 acres, this 140-acre parcel could easily support 28 homes on5 acres each with a sales price of over 1million. The referenced comparable properties are currently valued at over$700k. Profit from this development alone could potentially cover half of the purchase price of the entire property.
Calculated income by year 3 is $5,000,000+

Revenue Stream - Crops
Growing high-value crops would be the final method to increase revenue for the project. There is the obvious option for Colorado and that is cannabis. One plant grown outdoors produces about 1/2 pound of sellable product per harvest. On average, 10,000plants can fit on one acre. With the current market value of $14 an ounce, this equates to $1.1 million gross profit per acre.
There are also other crops that are highly profitable such as mushrooms, herbs, and ginseng among others. Once scaled, this would be a massive profit center for the project.
Calculated annual income by year 3 is $5,000,000+ per year.

This property is available and off market at the time of this writing.
May 11, 2022 - 5:26pm

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