Loan amount
Loan-to-value (LTV)
Required credit score
Required deal experience
Varies per project
Up to 3.5% Points
P.O. Box 163, Cedar Ridge, CA, 95924
There are many advantages. Probably the most important advantage is saving time. Because we represent private investors who are able to approve your loan primarily on the real estate equity, we can approve and close your loan much faster ... time is money. Privately funded loans don't entail all the red tape commonly connected with other traditional or conventional loans. We don't require stacks of verifications of employment, verification of your bank and purchase deposits, or even the frustration connected with waiting weeks just to get an appraisal. E-Z loans can be tentatively approved in minutes because there are a lot less things that private investors require. Our lenders hang their hat primarily on proposed equity in a loan request while others make you wait for several weeks for paperwork to arrive. Also, we can arrange a construction loan for you to complete a house that may be partially built, whereas, generally, if construction has commenced on a project, other lenders will not. There are several advantages to borrowing private money. I would say that saving time is probably the most popular one. Think of us as the faster, easier, private money loan arranger.

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